Upcoming Events

Sunday March 3, Biblical Storytelling, hybrid worship service with Ken Quiring @ 10:30 am.

The body keeps the story: a practical introduction to biblical storytelling

This session will introduce in-person and digitally-linked participants to foundational elements of the practice of learning and telling scripture by heart. Together we will experience the joy and faith-formation that come in the journey of biblical storytelling.  The presenter’s goal is that this experience and the journey will be one of the most impacting experiences one can have as a person of faith.


Biblical Storytelling, hybrid workshop with Ken Quiring from 1-3 pm in the dining room. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/biblical-storytelling-tickets-827206636317

Wednesday March 6 @ 4:45 SPARK! Families Pizza Party. SPARK! students and families are welcome. Please RSVP to the church office @ 519-326-6391 if you plan to attend.

March 19, 5 pm in the dining room.

Wednesday March 20 4:30-6 pm