Prayer time In Leamington


So What Do We Do?

What do the people of Leamington do when they learn that Heinz is closing? Do we get angry? Yes. Do we vent our frustrations, worries and fears? Yes, of course we do. Do we look around for help? Yes, that too. About 50 people gathered on Tuesday morning November 19, 2013 at 8:30 am in the little park in front of Heinz to show their concern and support. They chose to do it in prayer. For 15 minutes, we held our concerns up to God and asked for His help and guidance. We asked that that He would help find people jobs, bring in new industry and be there for all who are suffering loss. We also prayed quiet personal individual prayers. We prayed for you. Many people who were there said they came so you would know that you are not alone. They want to help. There were also prayers of thanksgiving for the many years that Heinz has been a part of our community. The Leamington Ministerial organized the gathering. We were certainly a mixed group. There were almost twenty clergy among us that represented thirteen different churches and we gathered together with one purpose, to pray for Leamington. By Carol Dyck Janice Founk Thank you Janice Founk for 30 years of your beautiful music!
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