August 20, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Acts 2 |

Rap for Rebecca Penner

I don’t have a rap to share with you

this comes from my heart straight to you.

You jumped right in with worship leading

And soon began the vegetable seeding.


You helped kids with crafts on Wednesdays at three

At Sunday School you sat in a teepee

You sang silly songs for the folks around the fire

You even ate bananas like a monkey behind wire.


You visited our elderly – Freda and Catherine

You delivered books and magazines and gave them cause to grin.

Preaching the word gave you little rest

You tried lots of styles but you like hip hop best.


We enjoyed our time together

It’s been a lot of fun.

We hope you come to visit us

When college degrees are done.


This is my rap of gratitude and blessings all in one.

We pray the Lord will guide your steps

Until your journey’s done.





We thank-you for your willingness to come and to learn with us this summer.

We thank your parents for their flexibility in providing transportation for you this summer and for their support.

We are also grateful for the unseen partners in this summer of learning – Mennonite Church Canada, Mennonite Church Eastern Canada and Canadian Mennonite University all provided $1000.00 each for Rebecca’s support.  This was also a gift to us.





Prayer of blessing:


Lord Jesus,

We thank God for Rebecca Penner and the gifts you have given her.

Walk with Rebecca in her journey ahead.

Guide her studies and her leisure.

May she know your deep love for her.

Tune her inner ear to hear your voice.

Pour your boldness and courage into her.

May your Spirit fill her with joy and peace.



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